Things That Are OK To Tell Your Psychic

If you've scheduled your first reading with a psychic, you may be ready to provide some details about your life and then sit back and listen to what the psychic has to say. It's important for you to realize that it's perfectly OK for you to share some thoughts or wishes with the psychic before your reading begins. Doing so can potentially help you to feel more comfortable in the reading, which can be valuable in allowing you to get more out of the experience. Here are three things that are OK to tell your psychic.

You Don't Want To Hear Anything Negative

Often, psychics will ask you about the things that you want to hear and that you don't want to hear at the start of your session. If your psychic doesn't pose this question, don't be afraid of expressing this intention. While there are some people who visit psychics and want to know everything that he or she wishes to share, others feel more comfortable with only hearing good things. For example, this means that if the psychic has a vision about something bad happening to you, you may want him or her to avoid sharing these details.

You're Only Booking One Session

Some people visit psychics regularly, perhaps having a reading once a week or a couple times a month around a set schedule. Other clients are happy to book a single reading and attempt to implement the lessons learned in that session into their life. If you plan to only see the psychic once, at least for now, don't be afraid of stressing that at the start of your session. The last thing you want is for the session to end with a cliffhanger if you don't plan on immediately booking a follow-up session.

You Have An Intention For The Session

It's OK to go to the psychic with the idea of the session being an open book — in other words, being OK with wherever the session goes. This approach can be valuable because you may learn some interesting things that you hadn't previously considered. However, it's alternatively fine to tell the psychic that you have an intention for the session. Perhaps you want closure about a certain topic or maybe you're looking for guidance in a certain area of your life. By making the psychic clear about this intention, you'll get more from the appointment.

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