Making A Church More Welcoming With Live Plants

Do you belong to a church with grounds that have fallen into slight disrepair? Are you looking for ways to brighten up the church and the surrounding area, making it attractive to current members and potential visitors alike? Whether your church owns an extensive area of land or is located in a more commercial zone, adding living plants can be a good way to enhance the attractiveness of the building. Here are some ideas that you might want to bring up to your fellow church members:

Community garden: Maintaining an expansive lawn can be expensive and time consuming. Someone has to mow it every week and it can cost a seeming fortune to water. But for all that, the grass can be essentially useless. Why not turn a portion of that area over to a community garden? With a handful of volunteers, the space can be turned into a garden that will grow delicious and fresh produce that can be distributed to all church members, to just the less fortunate members or even added to to food boxes that your church may provide. If you're worried about the aesthetics of a community garden, only a few volunteers should be needed to keep it looking neat, tidy and weed-free. Large unique flower pots can be arranged around the perimeter of the garden, both for beauty and for additional growing space.

Indoor garden: Don't have a lot of room outside, but you have plenty of light and space inside? While you probably won't be able to grow a substantial amount of food inside, you can still grow some. For example, carrots sown in beautiful unique flower pots can look very attractive and can be a fun addition to your Sunday school program for children. They can plant the seeds themselves and tend for them around the church until the vegetables are ready to eat. In the process, the Sunday school teacher can incorporate various lessons about faith and morality. The teacher may decide to tell the children that the water represents love, showing that it's difficult or impossible to live without sufficient amounts of love.

Ornamental plants: If nobody wants to take time out to grow edible plants, there are a variety of ornamental plants that will grow both indoors and out. This will add a welcome touch of color just inside or outside the church entrance.  Most plants that tolerate or thrive in full shade outdoors can be brought indoors to grow. Depending on your area, your church might decide that the best residents for the unique flower pots that have been chosen to plant in are ferns, hostas, ficus trees and more. If you're having trouble finding out what will grow well in your area, head to your nearest local nursery. The employees there will be able to show you the best plants that will grow in the pots and locations that have been chosen.

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Do you belong to a church with grounds that have fallen into slight disrepair? Are you looking for ways to brighten up the church and the surrounding